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Bianca Gibbs
Posted 11 Oct 2016

Richard is an excellent teacher and really makes it a fun and friendly class.


Ross Allard
Posted 8 Oct 2016
Great instruction focusing on the nuances of every move. A thorough lesson delivered.
Roman Snovak
8 Oct 2016

I attend Richards classes and social dancing sessions regularly and it is always pleasure to learn something new and enjoy the dance in a friendly environment of a small group. 
His classes are good for both experienced and unexperienced dancers.

9/12/2013 Bogdan & Galina Marinuc

What can we say about Richard? We were already taking tango lesson when we decided to ask him to offer us some private classes for our wedding dance. The only problem was (beside my “tremendous” dancing skill – me as in the groom), we could not focus on a particular song. We did have “our song” like so many couples, but we wanted something different for our wedding first dance. We wanted something lovely, dynamic, and funny, yet elegant at the same time and Richard succeeded in coming up with the loveliest song and the loveliest dance routine, (which turned into the funniest dance when we started dancing it.) Anyway, we would like to thank Richard for being such an amazing teacher and friend. The lessons and time spent learning with Richard was absolutely great and funny for us, tiring, exhausting for Richard maybe. In the end we had a lovely first wedding dance on the loveliest of songs and rhythm. Richard is so much more than just a dance teacher; he also managed to find a song that described us so well. It was just perfect. And that’s thanks to Richard. for turning a stiff groom into a latino dancer.

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